Parts is Parts: Hurricane Part 6

I’ve decided to go with my version of a Rotol prop. It fits better and looks slightly better (I think).

Here’s what Hasegawa thinks makes this a Mk. I Hurricane.

They included this tailwheel part as some kind of “errata” or something. If they had included an entire Mk. I kit, then I’d understand. I mean, if you leave the nose as a Mk. II nose, then does the landing gear really matter?

What am I missing here?

Well, more fool I. I’m using the “improved” part. I’m half tempted to just stop this build now, but I think I’ll continue, for the time being.

The cockpit has been glued together, BE WARNED. The seat DOES NOT end up in the center if you glue it into the slot provided for it. It will be too far to the starboard side. You’ll need to cut off the tab on the bottom of the seat and move it towards the port side by a tinch,

Tinch. It’s a word .

I also assembled the belly radiator. 

Stay tuned.


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