Paint Review: Vallejo Model Air

Vallejo Model Air is surprisingly good paint for brushing. Needs some Windex, though.


Vallejo Model Air
  • Self Leveling Without Additives
  • Need for Additives
  • Coverage
  • Proper Drying Time
  • Compatibility
  • Stippling
  • Fingerprinting
  • Adhesion
  • Line Drawing with a Brush
  • Availability
  • Color Selection
  • Smell
  • Price
  • Packaging


To misquote Mark Twain, Vallejo Model Air is “better than it looks.” This is a good paint for brushing, but it needs some additives to overcome some pretty significant problems. I recommend Windex window cleaner. The ordinary blue stuff. Add 3ml of Windex to a full bottle of Model Air. This translates into three “eyedroppers” if you have a regular little eyedropper, or a half-teaspoon if your Mom lets you use the measuring tools.


Well look, I already told you! I deal with the customers so the engineers don't have to! I have people skills! I am good at dealing with people! Can't you understand that? What is wrong with you people?

  • Very nice! You should your own little section for these reviews for easy lookup.

    • I’m still trying to figure out how to use my new plugin. Right now, if you want a list of paint reviews, click on “paint review” under “Categories” over on the right of the main screen.

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