Authenticals and the Idea of “New”

A few years ago I bought a set of decals made in 1967, They didn’t cost me much money, because they were “old.” When I got the set, I was amazed at the quality. The set came with some documentation.

Apparently, this sheet of decals was used to raise money for an IPMS chapter.

I liked the fact that somebody cared enough to write a letter, print up copies and send them with the decals. When I examined the decals, I found no yellowing.

I applied them to a project I was working on and they worked great. No cracking, no curling, no nothing. Just a well-made product that performed as it should–manufactured fifty years ago. Fifty.

We “get used” to the idea that decals have “limitations.” They “go bad.” They dry out. They turn yellow.

These didn’t. What I’m saying here is simple. Decals dry out, go bad, crack or turn yellow because they are of poor quality to begin with. Whatever it is that causes decals to go bad, it’s not inevitable.

That’s all I’m saying.



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