Very Close to the Finish

A few years ago, I found this oddball sheet of rub-on letters in Ye Olde English style at an antique store. I’ve used it to finish the stand for the Golden Hind. As I explained here I planned to make a plaque for the stand using these press-on letters. First step: the letters were rubbed onto a clear decal sheet.

The rubbing is a major pain–so I’m glad these things are becoming obsolete (you can use a computer to replace them for most things). In this case, applying them to a clear decal sheet means that they can be applied like regular decals. Much simpler.

Once they are well and truly applied to the decal sheet, give them a coat of Microscale Liquid Decal Film.

This stuff ruins brushes, so get some mechanic’s disposable brushes for this stuff or use a cotton swab. This is a disposable brush, available at auto parts stores, eBay, etc.

After the liquid film dries, you cut them out (very close!) and apply like regular decals. I ended up with this.



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