Revell’s Trail of Tears

When I reviewed Revell’s Aqua Color paint I gave it my highest rating. Only the crappy packaging filtered into the outcome, and took “the magical paint” down from heaven and put it in the real world where things have faults.

But we all know that behind every “perfect” thing is an ocean of cosmetics and Photoshop and airbrushing.

Not that kind of airbrushing. The other kind.

Anyway, Revell’s paint, technically, is a wonderful thing. It does so many things well that it deserves the high rating that I gave it. But everything else about this paint pisses me off. The marketing and promotion of Revell’s paint is ghastly. It’s annoying. It’s bad.

It’s all about the way the product is described. They’re deliberately coy about what the colors actually are. The colors have names like “blueberry ripple” or some bullshit. So you don’t really know what you’re buying. This isn’t as bad as Vallejo’s tendency to provide FALSE information–such as identifying a bottle of U.S.A.F. Insignia Blue as U.S.N. Dark Sea Blue (the colors are similar, but the are not the same) but it’s pretty bad.

But the real criminality is the way they don’t provide simple solutions to complex color problems. They don’t give the simple color name/number for the colors referred to in their kits. Instead, they provide a transparently venal marketing ploy in the form of a formula based on Revell paint numbers. (Airfix also does this and they will also burn in Hell but two wrongs don’t make a right).

Oh, for shame, Revell!

I don’t have a problem with mixing paint. I LIKE to mix paint. But Revell makes it much harder than it needs to be by failing to provide some basic information in the kit instructions. C’mon, Revell. Now that you’ve jettisoned those slimy Americans, go back to good German values and put the damned color names and (whatever standard) number on there and we model builders will do the rest. Your paint is good enough to stand on it’s own. You don’t need a coat of slime on the package to sell it.


Well look, I already told you! I deal with the customers so the engineers don't have to! I have people skills! I am good at dealing with people! Can't you understand that? What is wrong with you people?

  • I haven’t seen any of Revells adver. its paint.
    I have another problem though. I had some Revell Aquacolor that came with a starterkit. Nice litte pots – easy to open and close and stayed that way.
    Recently I bought a full “bottle” – one of those square things in the pic. Odd way to put paint into a box. I sorely miss the lid to be screwed or pressed in place – preferably the former. The Revell box lid just don’t want to stay close following some use. It keeps popping off! Now its secured with a solid elastic band.
    Its darn good paint. Should revert to some classic bottle though.. ๐Ÿ™

  • Carsten,

    Get some side cutters and get rid of the little prongs on the lids. Closing problem, gone.

  • Greg
    I’ll try it out – thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Greg
    It works ๐Ÿ™‚

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