Paint Review: Testors Model Master Acryl

This is my “go to” paint– for a reason.


  1. Just putting the finishing touches on an ancient Hasegawa P-47 Razorback using MM Acryl, and it really is a toss up on any given day which one I prefer using between Revell and this. With emodels, I can get Revell slightly cheaper, however their colours are…different, and require a touch of mix and match to get things right.

    I am probably going to grab a few more Acryls soon, but I remember you mentioning they had some colour oddities. Which ones are the real dogs to look out for? How would you rate general schemes overall (eg; RAF, USAAF, USN, Luftwaffe, et al) for rough accuracy?

  2. This is just off the top of my head. The Luftwaffe colors and USN WWII colors seem to be the worst. Luftwaffe colors are very much based on “experten” testimony and are just all off. Way wrong for most things. For example, 65 light blue is a crazy green color. The USN WWII blue gray is hideous. It’s way too bright and too blue. Another problem area is the USAF Vietnam era colors. The dark green should be more like olive drab. It’s too “green” and so it doesn’t have enough contrast with the medium green. The tan is way too dark. The MM Acryl grays for modern aircraft are pretty good. Their light gull gray is excellent, as is the aircraft gray (or ADC gray). Various “ghost” grays are good. I’m not at all sure about their RAF colors. I’d need to study them. What’s particularly frustrating about this is that the Polly Scale colors were universally good. A cryin’ shame.

  3. Thanks for that. At least I have a starting point now. And from what I have seen, the colour ‘patches’in the shop online are little (if at all) like the real paint; the usual for this kind of thing. It is always a case of ‘suck it and see’.

  4. The big problem with the Luftwaffe paints is that they can only chase that rabbit so far down the hole and it comes back up on them. They start out with a very weird RLM 02, then you shift all the colors to look like they “yellowed” and you get a nice beige, imaginary Battle of Britain scheme, but then you have Black Green 70. You could make it a dark gray (like the old Polly S color) but let’s be sensible. We know what it was. But…next to the 71 that’s “yellowed” to match the 02 it looks VERY odd. Whenever you see a Stuka or He-111 in a bizarre two-tone scheme that looks like olive drab and black, you can bet that Testors was involved.

  5. Been looking for a couple of Acryl paint colours at my local providers, and suddenly I see all these different colours I hadn’t seen before…in MM enamels! The enamel range seems much larger than the Acryl range, has it always been this way? Humbrol is similar with their enamel range being much larger (though they are much better to use than their acrylics..) and Gunze also has many more colours available in their Mr Color Laquer range (you think enamels smell bad? this stuff’ll kill ya in five minutes flat!).

    Damn shame about the Acryl colour list being smaller. More mixing incoming.

  6. Hi Brushpainter,
    New reader to your blog. Has Testors discontinued the Acryl line? I know they’re still producing acrylics but the new ones have a design similar to their enamel paint bottles. I’ve bought a few of the new acrylics, but the formula appears changed to me.

    I fully agree about Polly Scale. Those were great paints. A shame that Testors killed the brand.

  7. I don’t know about the status of the Acryl line. I have a lot of it on hand and I haven’t been following Testor’s lately. It would be just like them to discontinue it, but if it became unusable there are other alternatives. Badger Model Flex is surprisingly good for brushing. Some colors, like white and yellow, are not so good. But the “darker” colors are very good. They mix well with Acryl, too.

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