This paint is not sold in the U.S.A.–but it is widely available in Europe. We shall call it PERFECT.

I dug out my old bottle of Revell Aqua Color dark green. It hadn’t been opened in years. When I unscrewed the cap, I found the dreaded sight of a paint that had almost gone “solid.” A big chunk of solid paint-stuff filled the bottle. So thick I could have pried it out and sliced it into slices. I thought “that’s that–no way will this paint come back.”

Then I added some water and began to stir. I didn’t expect much….but the more I stirred and the more water I added, the more I thought I was witnessing a miracle. The paint came back. Like an old enamel, left to dry out in the tin, the Revell ACRYLIC came back and turned into usable paint with the addition of some water and a lot of stirring.

Perfect finish. Perfect adhesion. AND it can be brought back from the dead by stirring in water. It’s a miracle. Revell USA, now that they own Revell Germany, will have something to answer for on judgment day if they don’t import this magical paint.


  1. Greg

    I know you don’t care, but for those readers who do, it sprays perfectly with warm water and a touch of flow improver when thinned. Best of both worlds. Windex then cleans the airbrush nicely afterwards. Truly a friendly, forgiving paint in all regards.

    Now, at least look at some of the UK shops that sell it online. If the postage is acceptable to me here on the other side of the world, surely it would be less to the US? Unless some strange economic nonsense is afoot.

  2. Greg

    Just while I am here, a problem with the bottles that adds to drying out; sometimes the lid doesn’t go on perfectly, as your grey paint lid there. This is caused by two little prongs that always bend the first time you open the paint jar. Get some sidecutters, and cut them clean off. They will then seal up again easily, making sure the paint doesn’t dry out.

    And don’t overfill the container, otherwise the lids don’t like going on and air inside can pop the lid off.

  3. Brushpainter

    Who do you buy it from? Go ahead and name names. I won’t tell anyone.

  4. Greg

    These guys have given me a decent price after ordering and then letting them get back to me with a price. There are others, but I was happy with what they quoted, so went with it.

    Now I didn’t think about the paint price itself. Converted into AU dollars, and up against AU hobby paint prices, this is a winning price – for me – but then I thought ‘whoa, with Dan being in the US, he is probably used to paying bugger all for these paints’ so I guess it may not be such a great deal for you after all. Maybe it is. The conversion for the US dollar at current would be $2.34 per 18ml pot.

    There may be cheaper shops there, but this one had the paint, and other odds and ends I wanted, with a decent delivery price.

  5. Brushpainter

    Whoa is right. I don’t know what “bugger all” means exactly, but if it means that the hobby stores tie me up and have their way with me then you are correct sir. I calculated the cost of ordering the Aqua Color direct from eModels and it’s an incredible $3.51 American including postage. That is about 25 cents less than I pay for MM Acryl and I don’t get it delivered to my door. I’ll have to forgo the neolithic customer service provided by the grumpy old men at the local shop, but c’est la guerre. Internet future, here I come!

  6. Greg

    Great news!

    So that means you now have a formidable arsenal at your fingertips (well, as soon as any order touches down at your house).

    Hobby shops have brought this on themselves really. I have begged, pleaded, and shook my fist at the local stores to get what I want in, and they always say ‘No, we don’t carry xyz’ or ‘Our supplier doesn’t carry xyz. Honestly, they are using a business model that died in the 90s, and wonder why so many of them go out of business. I am all for keeping local jobs, which is why, in spite of KNOWING I could get things via the internet for cheaper and get the actual things I want, I have tried to give them a chance to bring in what I want.

    What can you do…

  7. Ralph Koziarski

    Okay, I’m going to give this stuff a whirl.

  8. Rob

    Do you use a primer or you put the acylic paint directly on the plastic?

  9. Brushpainter

    No primer. The only “priming” I do is the application of paint to check a seam or some other blemish that’s been repaired or filled. I’ll apply a coat of the regular acrylic paint to see if it needs more work. Revell and the other paints I recommend stick to bare plastic just fine. The adhesion isn’t quite as good as enamel, but since I don’t use masking tape it doesn’t matter.

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