I really wanted to like this paint. When I opened the Lifecolor jar I was hoping to smell the familiar ammonia of MM Acryl, but instead I noticed only a very faint alcohol smell. ┬áThe paint looked good in the bottle, but when I brushed it on, coverage was not too good. Combine that with brushmarks and low adhesion and you have a pretty bad paint for my methods. Your mileage may vary…


  1. Greg

    Which of the paints so far would you say ‘just about the same’ when it comes to Lifecolor?

  2. Brushpainter

    The same as Lifefcolor? None of them are exactly like it. It has some good qualities. You can draw a line with it, but it has all the other bad qualities of Model Color. It’s like a thin version of Model Color. You could paint with it by applying multiple coats. It would be fragile but since I don’t mask that wouldn’t matter too much. But the brushmark issue is a deal-killer, really.

  3. Carsten

    It has to be thinned and applied in several perhaps 5-6 coats to give proper coverage… Having done so I find it ok.

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