Yes, it’s a (sorta) new look for 2018! Change! Abrupt and annoying change! What says “2010’s” like change you can’t use?

I’ve always liked this particular theme, and used it, originally, in my blog before I “got serious.” Now that I’m back to being not serious again, I’ll just go back to the comfy shoes I wore in here.

All hope is gone for me to be a “serious blogger!”

Feel free to comment…



  1. John Butler

    Like the new look. Don’t worry about not being “serious” man. Life’s too short to worry about being “serious.” I’ll admit I drop in here to see your modeling posts, but I usually get a little something for your other posts also. Don’t feel pressured, but feel free to let us know what is happening on the modeling bench …. when you get back to it … no rush. I hope your new year has gotten off on the right foot.

  2. Greg

    So Dan, I have not seen anything from you in a long time. I hope you are still kicking?


  3. Brushpainter

    Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. I’ve put the blog on “hiatus” while I’m trying to get a novel ready to show it to people other than my dog and missus. Okay, only the dog has seen it so far. All the best and keep on brushpainting no matter how much you are tortured by the Japanese.

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