I recently found a site that came along at exactly the right time.


This website gives me the power to stop surfing in an endless loop from Google News to The Airfix Tribute Forum to The Brushpainter to eBay. It’s a way to discover the “hidden gems” on the internet that are, the last times I checked, being systematically exterminated by robot killers who look likeĀ Arnold Schwarzenegger or that other guy. The liquid metal one.

For sure it looked (to me) like the internet was becoming dumber and dumber. I don’t just mean sillier like comic book movies, I mean actually losing brain matter in some way. Stumbleupon fixed this problem. I entered my “interests” and it surfs for me, bringing up random shiz-nit until, bazonga, I find myself looking at something GOOD.

Like, for example, kottke.org. Kottke.org is a “smart” site with lots of good stuff. If you have ever read my blog and thought “I wish I could somehow set up a bot to screen out Dan’s insane babbling and just leave the good stuff” then you may learn something from kottke.org. You’ll learn what it’s like to read a site that is all babbling all the time. A well maintained, professionally-run site that is all babbling all the time.

Of course, if you don’t see the resemblance between my writing and the material on kottke.org, then don’t expect me to be nice about that. Do not tell me that my babbling is babbling, whereas kottke’s babbling is serious and adult news for clever people. You may be right but that won’t change the lifetime ban you’ll surely earn.

Life is not at-all fair in that way.

I’ve found some really cool “other stuff” using Stumbleupon and I highly recommend it to all and sundry for a way of breaking through the thought barrier that has descended, like an iron curtain, over the internet. Stupid and his brother Stupid have infested and woven themselves into the lining of the intestine of the world-wide-web, turning everything into a rabid monkey session of griping, groaning, girning and grinning. Gossip and trolling are the only things left. The tiny remaining fragment of the hull of the good ship intellect bobs up and down along the waves of the sunny sea, with a single, solitary sailor gripping it with the last of his strength, and praying to the god who made him to provide just one lousy portal to a smarter and less asinine web.

Just one thing. The blasted Stumbleupon does not provide “model building” as an interest. It does have “crafts.” Wait a minute…maybe I’ll check that out.

Anyway, get out my way Earthlings, I have some stumbling to do!


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