Greetings, Fellow Healthy Lung Fans


What did I say?

(So hard to be politically correct during this catastrophe.)

If plastic kit building isn’t the best hobby for those of us under quarantine, then I’d like somebody to tell me a better one. I know it’s not called “quarantine”–but you know what I mean.

If you’re at home, congratulations. You can tear into that stash and get busy, just as if you had spent the last few decades preparing for this very crisis. You clever dog!

Since I quit on this blog a while back I’ve built some models. I’ve already featured of few of them in other posts, but here are the rest.

Honorable Ki-27. The old Mania kit, reboxed by Hasegawa.
The old, old, old Revell Lancaster. Nostagia build all the way.
The new-ish Revell MiG-21F and it’s not my best work.
The Hasegawa F11F Tiger with kit decals, after my other decals all failed!
Ancient Academy Wildcat that looks awful in this photo.
New Airfix 1/72 Stuka.
Eduard’s “Superkit” Hellcat. So special…

So where have I been?

At home, of course (feeling a tad bit discouraged).

I started this blog with the misguided ambition of teaching everyone how to build plastic kits without spray-painting. I learned, gradually, that it’s not as easy to do this as I thought it was. What seemed easy and obvious to me was really complex and difficult.

How often have old farts like me tried to teach “simple” things, only to discover that what we were trying to teach (and assumed would be learned instantly) was actually something that would require serious effort to learn and many, many hours of practice to master.

So it’s not easy. Nothing worth doing is easy. But that’s no excuse for me to abandon both of my fans in their hour of need. No, I’ll stick around.

Here’s hoping you’re both practicing the kind of social isolation you know you wanted to be doing in the first place. Until the crisis is past, anyway…


Well look, I already told you! I deal with the customers so the engineers don't have to! I have people skills! I am good at dealing with people! Can't you understand that? What is wrong with you people?

  • One fan looking inside! Good to read a new post. Shut-down is making for time to think and build models though I am working all the time (gov. official..) but then the feeling of everything running in lower gear makes for time.
    All the models – including the MiG-21 and Wildcat – looks good. 🙂
    Be interesting to see if we do gear up to the pre-pandemic rush level..

    • I’m going to prove that an apocalypse is good for model building. Thanks for the comment. Preaching to the void always reminds me of the movie “On the Beach” when they’re trying to contact somebody by radio… or the movie “Testament” when the ham operator is trying to contact anybody by radio… or just about any “last man on Earth” movie… and WHY DON’T I HAVE A COPY OF “THE OMEGA MAN” ON VHS?? Grumble…

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