How many of you guys have had the unfortunate experience of being cornered at a plastic kit “social event” (IPMS or something) and being told how great the Luftwaffe was/is? Let’s see some hands.

Okay. Lots of people. We all know that “certain” kit builders do LOVE them some Germans. They just really like them–so much so that they constantly write stupid stuff like “the jet fighters arrived too little, too late” and “German was not defeated on the battlefield as much as overwhelmed by numbers.”

Yes, yes, it seems that Nazi Germany lost WWII because the allies cheated and made more tanks and guns and ammo, and then cheated again by actually blasting the Germans with the stuff instead of challenging the Tiger and Panther tanks to one-on-one duels. We all know about German engineering, and although I will admit that they make bloody good dog leashes, I tend to think that the amount of German-o-philia in the plastic kit population is embarrassing and should stop right about now.

Here’s a wonderful link to what I hope will be an ongoing series on how Germans are just like the rest of us and put their pants on one leg at a time and everything.

Germans Do Everything Wrong

This is a well written little piece that’s a part of a slightly wonky site where (I think) the owners are trying to bring back the name “Argosy” to the magazine business. I, for one, wish them well. (I should mention here that the original “Argosy” was magazine of questionable quality and tended to be a bit too likely to shoot lions named Cecil, for example).

Anyway, I sincerely hope that after reading what Mr. Bazinga (if that IS his name) has to say about Germans that you will NEVER AGAIN fall into the error of thinking that the best thing about plastic model kits is the German stuff, and you will absolutely never, ever build a Luft 46 model unless you have some kind of pathology going on and that’s one of the symptoms.

Germans preparing to do something wrong.


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