I have plenty of ideas for new blog entries. I guess I should go ahead and write them up. Here’s a list of what I’m thinking about right now.

  1. What a good show Star Trek: Voyager could have been if it had been a “five year mission” show instead of a “get back home” show.
  2. How to use the spit tube from Genology.com’s DNA test kit as an insert to avoid gumming up your paint bottle threads. Also–what DNA tests are good for.
  3. A post about the Airfix Fiat G.50, it’s “size challenged” engine cowl and a replacement from “Meteor Productions”–never a more appropriately named business.
  4. More about P-51 Mustang wings. Now that I have another kit with correct wings (another Monogram kit) I can put them side by side with the Tamiya parts and we can see where everybody else goes wrong (INCLUDING ACADEMY, WHICH IS WAY WRONG, DAMMIT).
  5. Aging, loss, and dentistry. (Why I don’t like modeling bloggers who are dentists–hint, it’s because I don’t like dentists).

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  1. Carsten

    Your ideas looks interesting (can’t write sounds – I’m reading :D) – I’ve built the Airfix Fiat G.50 which is a nice kit but the cowling does look small compared to the Macchi 200 which I’ve also built and which used the Fiat engine.
    Star Trek have managed to stay under my radar – get me right I know what the stuff is and I’ve seen some trailers and such but never got to watch a full movie or season.

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